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This website has been established to promote the understanding and use of ASL (American Sign Language).   The target audience includes families with Deaf or Hard of Hearing members (whether children or adults), special education teachers of Deaf or Hard of Hearing students, those entering interpreter training who are looking for introductory and remedial material, and any others who support or have interest in American Sign Language and Deaf culture.  We want this site to meet your needs by providing useful, relevant, informative, and enjoyable content.  We invite your comments, suggestions, and input so that we can make this site one that you will return to often.  Contact us.

Sometimes there are no second chances

DEAF Culture

Those who Sign may not be culturally Deaf. So, what is Deaf culture? Learn more. Learn more.

Signing Fun and Humour

ASL is serious business, but Signers do have personality and many enjoy Signing games, home signs, and play-on-sign humour.

ASL Kids

An ASL Kids section is being developed. Email your ideas to the editor at the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

Who we are

  • We actively promote Deaf unity.
  • We provide American Sign Language training to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • We provide ASL training courses in the Northwest Chicago suburbs.
  • We have created WebASL to provide a single point of reference for the Deaf and those who support the deaf community.

Site Overview

  • ASL Learning Center - The ASL Learning Center is a paid membership area with photos, videos, and text materials for learning ASL. Check out our free sample content.
  • Socials/Church - Calendar and lists of Deaf and ASL social events. "Open" events allow participation by those not in the Deaf culture and are great places to improve your ASL skills and make new friends.
  • Arts - Paintings, Drawings, Photos, Poems, and Stories by and for Deaf and Signing audiences.
  • Directories - Contact information for organizations associated with ASL.
  • Store - Products and services related to ASL.
  • Ads - Classified and business advertising for products, services, employment, roommates, etc.